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Monthly Lottery

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1 Monthly Lottery on Sat Jun 25, 2016 11:09 pm

Game Cost 5,000 Jewels per Ticket!

The Game: Buy a ticket(s) and get a number pray your number is drawn at the end of the month. Those that get the lucky number will get the pot, if multiple winners the pot will be split between them. The pot is equal to the amount of jewels spent by the players x3. If no winner occurs the pot will roll over to the next month and be added upon by those lottery purchases.

How to Play: Fill out the forum below, make sure to place what amount you are purchasing. Once a staff member approves of said purchase and withdraws the money from your account you may then post a reply rolling the MONTHLY LOTTERY DICE If multiple purchases are bought make sure to roll the dice that many times to avoid spam. There is no limit in the amount of tickets you may purchase at once or for the month as long as you have the jewels for it. Once the winning numbers are called at the start of the month it is your responsibility to post them in the winning claims thread. You will have a week from the day the numbers are called to post in said thread, if you do not you will forfeit your prize! If you hold multiple tickets of the same number you will get that many pulls from the total winners. Have fun! Try not to blow all your winnings on one place!

Forum to fill out for Monthly Lottery:

[b]Number of Tickets Purchasing:[/b]
[b]Total Cost of Purchase:[/b]

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