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The Histories and Tales of the Land

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1The Histories and Tales of the Land Empty The Histories and Tales of the Land on Sat Jun 18, 2016 11:52 pm


It was said that at the start of time there was but one being, Fate. Fate was a being that was too complex for even the smartest man to even comprehend. It was a being that had no preference of good nor evil but only knew of that of the course of all beings. The being Fate would split itself create two species, Gods and Demons, while simultaneously creating the four beings known as the Pillars. The Pillars would quickly remove themselves from the realm leaving the two other powers to wage war with each other for eons to come. During this time period the gods and demons who were once in plentiful numbers would wage an all-out war for eons and eons to the point that both groups faced a drastic fall in numbers; at this point in time the beings would both create their own versions of the beings that were later classified as Dragons. With the birth of dragons it was a race between the two factions to create being that they could use in this shadow war. While the dragons proved to be the strongest of their creations they also posed to be the most rebellious due to their intellect and power. In their own folly, the Gods, would attempt to create a new race that was equally as intelligent as the dragons but far less physically powerful, little did they know their newest and last creation would begin the end of their own reign.

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2The Histories and Tales of the Land Empty Re: The Histories and Tales of the Land on Sat Jun 18, 2016 11:55 pm

The Divine Wars

It was said that man was born on a single night, a night that would mark the start of the God’s reign on the world for they would create being’s capable of usurping their power. In a feeble attempt to thwart their long-time rival, the demons and devils, the Gods created these hopeful soldiers.This time soon became known as the Mortal Age. The Mortal Age brought in the creation of man and with their creation the gift of widespread use of magic and a boom in knowledge. Mankind was created by the gods in order to overcome their eternal conflict with the demons and devils that existed. Soon after their creation man was tempted by the devils with more power than the gods offered, to many this power was associated with the gift of magecraft. Humans would soon break free of not only their shackles from the gods but also that of the demons; free to choose their own means of livelihood, man quickly succumbed to their natural greed. At the end of this primal era of mankind’s history we begin to see the beginning of mini-kingdoms rise to power.

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3The Histories and Tales of the Land Empty Re: The Histories and Tales of the Land on Sun Jun 19, 2016 12:03 am

The Age of Fire and Blood

It was said that with man’s freedom came the freedom of the gods and demons’ first creation, the Dragons. These beings had their numbers dwindled drastically from the start of the war, unlike mankind they were much physically strong and had lives that could be considered immortal they did have the downfall of being able to produce offspring but once in a millennium. Many dragons saw that the beings that were created after them inferior including that of man. Dragons from both sides of the Divine Wars would reap their will across the lands it was said that this point in time mankind faced its most lowest point in population and power. While the dragons recognized this species was capable of great things they chose to put them down than treat them as equals; infarct mankind was placed at the lowest tier in the Dragon’s realm. Humans were used as servants and livestock and would live this way for at least thirteen generations. It was not until the time a particular human by the name of Michael came about. Michael seemed to have a latent knack for magic that even the dragons saw was a potential threat. During this time the dragons would attack and conquer nearly eighty percent of the known world of mankind before Michael learned how to teach other humans that of the magic that he was naturally born with. It was said that those born with the blood of Michael had the potential to tap into this grand magic, a magic that would later be known as The One True Magic.

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4The Histories and Tales of the Land Empty Re: The Histories and Tales of the Land on Sun Jun 19, 2016 12:17 am

The Age of the Stone Kingdoms

It was said that through the teaching of Michael that mankind were able to rise up against the dragons and put them on the defensive. Man dragons throughout the ages had removed themselves from this senseless blood war and sought the side of man or remade neutral in the process. These dragons taught certain mages the secret magic that the dragons used, it was also thought that a few gods and demons also attempted to teach humans for their own personal reasons during this time. The humans seemed to slowly gain the strength to drive dragons away from the lands that they controlled, many dragons were thought to flee towards the lands beyond the seas, it was because of this the idea that the storms that plague the seas around the island nation of Fiore to be known as the Maleficent Ocean. With the absence of the dragons, demons, and gods in the lives of mankind they begun to seek shelter along with each other forming towns and settlements. Many of these towns are the ancestors of today’s modern settlements. At the end of this time period we start to see the rise of three certain key kingdoms in the realm, The Kingdom of Cypress, The Kingdom of Rafflesia, The Kingdom of Azalea

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5The Histories and Tales of the Land Empty Re: The Histories and Tales of the Land on Sun Jun 19, 2016 12:30 am

The Blooming Age

It was said that during this time the three kingdoms began to grow in their own way. To the entire North filled the Kingdom of Cypress. An empire that was filled with people that had the thirst of war and blood, theirs was a kingdom that found an overwhelming advantage on metal workers and warriors. While they were rather war hungry their single border was with the largest kingdom at the time, The Rafflesia Kingdom. While they were kept at bay by this giant of a nation they would hone their skills and bind their time until they had the advantage to overthrown their longtime rivals. The Rafflesia Kingdom covered the entire Central and Southern regions of Fiore allowing it to be the largest nation at the time, its lands did not shun the use of magic nor embrace it but had a healthy balance. The Kingdom was known to keep its two rivals at bay with ease and have no desire to spread its influence beyond its current borders. It was said that a great disaster would occur within the country a causing a collapse that would occur within a few short years. The final kingdom, the Azaela Kingdom would embrace the ideas of magic and would further study its use and practices, it was said that within this kingdom many new types of magic would be created as well as weapons, armors, and items would be brought into creation. While the Azalea Kingdom was seen as inferior to the Rafflesia Kingdom it was probably true that the Azalea Kingdom was superior but had no desire for war or battles.

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6The Histories and Tales of the Land Empty Re: The Histories and Tales of the Land on Sun Jun 19, 2016 12:49 am

The Dark Mage Yupi

It was said that within the Great Kingdom of Rafflesia came the birth of a mage that was an egaul to the first mage Michael. This mage was known as Yupi. Yupi’s birth marked a substantial tilt in power for Rafflesia Kingdom, one that they thoughout would allow them to conquer their two neighbors. They trained the young magician in magic that expanded beyond their own knowledge. As Yupi learned he begun to see how to breakdown all these other magic into a single one. From this single magic Yupi pulled from it to create his own versions of magic aside from Michael’s original teachings. Yupi’s magic was much darker and sinister to that of the magic that mankind knew. It was quickly shunned and thought was dark arts. Yupi became outraged by these ideas and utilized the power of the devils to create magic that was so dark that it caused Yupi to forsaken his humanity and enter a realm between man and divine. Yupi created a spell that would encompass all of Raffleisa’s lands killing every human within in its borders. The regions in this area would remain lifeless for seven generations until the two other great nations would spread their reaches to the forsaken lands.

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7The Histories and Tales of the Land Empty Re: The Histories and Tales of the Land on Sun Jun 19, 2016 1:20 am

The Age of Kights and Twin Kingdoms

It was said that the with the fall of the Rafflesia Kingdom, that of Cypress and Azalea came into their own Golden Age. During this time many great heroes of the past roamed the world. It was during this time that many ancestors of modern day magic practices came to popularity. To the West Cypress focused its manpower in a feeble attempt to cultivate the savannah that their Kingdom ruled. The nation saw a major stock up in weapons and brutal warriors during this period. To the East Azalea did the opposite they did not focus much on creating tools for war but on exploring the magic ideas of both Michael and Yupi. Many cults and secret religions sects flourished in this time period. The two nations were split by the ruins of the fallen Rafflesia Kingdom but as time went on both sides started to venture into these lands spreading their influence and increasing their resources. Within both countries we see the start of guilds of all types, Cypress being a culture that generally shunned magic practices founded more guilds towards treasure hunters, craftsmen, and assassin guilds. Within Azalea guilds focused more in magic with a few crafting guilds popping up here and there.

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8The Histories and Tales of the Land Empty Re: The Histories and Tales of the Land on Sun Jun 19, 2016 1:21 am

The Conquest and the Unification

It was said that the Queen of the Cypress Kingdom was infatuated with a rare flower found only on the tallest branches of an ancient tree deep within the Azalea Kingdom. The Queen begged her husband to procure the flower but the tree being sacred to the people of the Azalea refused to give the Queen such a flower. This was the start of the rise of tension between the two kingdoms. Throughout the next fifteen years several conflicts between land rights arose between the two kingdoms to the point that both sides feared that war was on the horizon. Azalea had a major disadvantage having not stocked up on military might like their neighbors. The kingdom had to focus on the cultivation of their mages hoping that by spending more resources on their research they could create magical weapons and tools to keep the war thirst Cypress Kingdom at bay. During a warm summer day the Cypress Kingdom sent half of its troops into the southern region of the country near the ruins of the Rafflesia Kingdom, heading straight towards the mountain pass that signaled the official start of the Azalea Kingdom. The two nations would lock into war for the following seven years with neither side showing much noticeable advancement. It was not until the Cypress Kingdom built the largest fleet known to mankind and attacked the Azalea Kingdom from the north coast line where their strength was the weakest. The war that lasted seven years would be finished within three weeks and the for the first time the country was now under a single banner.

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9The Histories and Tales of the Land Empty Re: The Histories and Tales of the Land on Sun Jun 19, 2016 1:21 am

The Modern Age, The Age of Dust

It was said that shortly after the Cypress Kingdom unified the land a great famine and drought spread across the land. The reason for such a calamity was unknown to mankind but many blamed it on those that practiced magic. It was during this event that many citizens persecuted mages forcing guilds to close and mages to flee to the countryside. Within the area of the old Azalea Capital many of these mages would find shelter and acceptance. During this time the Oaken Institute was founded, a school that taught nurtured mages and began exploring new magic ideas and concepts. Many in the Western areas of the world stayed focus in metal work and the training of warriors. With the end of the famine and drought sparked a new age of cultures, adventures, and ideas. A few guilds have appeared throughout the world but there are still a great lack of them, currently only two guilds have officially been classified as ‘magic guilds’. The guilds are currently under heavy scrutiny from the Cypress Government. An organization has formed within the Cypress Government that monitor the activity of magic guilds and mages known as the Royal Rune Knights, or just Rune Knights for short. The organization has taken up residency in Saffron Keep due to its central location as well as the fortress’ natural defense of the lake it sits on along with the mountains around the lake. It is within Saffron Keep that the country’s prison sits. The two magic guilds that have come to power in the recent years are the powerful largest of the two, Golden Sphinx, located in the heart of Azalea; the second and newest of the two guilds is located within the forest city of Yarrow Hallow, known as Emerald Tiger. The world has started to accept the idea of mages and adventures more than ever before in its history as being one kingdom.

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